Iron March Database Dump By Timezone


The file above,, is a database dump of all 1200+ neo-nazi and white nationalist members of the Iron March website. The zip file contains an array of csv files, text files, and a single php file.

MD5: 12dcc0b1377298dc78d04876b5e88eb2
SHA256: e0633ea63128cb335b3004d6ff34a6a0409e6a25acc44f13a3a1b56226974e01

EDIT (11/10/2019 08:19:45 PST): The downloadable zip file,, is hosted on which hosts these shared files only for one week, then deletes. Please contact us on Twitter if you find the link no longer takes you to the downloadable files and we will upload the file again.

CSV Files

Files in CSV are formatted for import into Google Contacts. A common case usage is to, once CSV file is imported, import Google contacts into Twitter and/or Facebook sock accounts.

EDIT (11/10/2019 08:19:45 PST): All CSV files are categorized by timezone as recorded by the Iron March website. Please note that many members are in random timezones different from their physical location. As such, we dumped the data in human readable columns therefore we suggest sifting through all the IronMarch_TZ_* files.

Text Files

Files in text are formatted in columns to facilitate easier research. One column contains usernames which can be used to search for posts and private messages at The Jewish Worker’s website:

All text files are categorized by timezone.


This is the magical file. You’ll need a server running PHP to make the magic. Please don’t ask how to set one up.

Resolving physical location from IP address

We utilized to resolve each member’s physical location based on their last known IP address logged by the Iron March website. In some cases, the member’s city of origin does not match the timezone. We guess this is because the member is using a VPN server in a different region (the region the location resolves to) to access the site.

Thank you

Thank you antifa for leaking the Iron March database and thank you, again, antifa for the variety of filters created to help research these nazis de mierda.

Thank you to The Jewish Worker for creating the tool to search posts and private messages.