Get To Know Patriot Front Propaganda

During a statewide lockdown, there has been an uptick of Patriot Front activity in Long Beach so we thought we would take the opportunity to educate our community on how to identify their propaganda.

Below are some of the stickers Patriot Front members are known to paste in high visibility areas. If a Patriot Front sticker not listed in this article, please send us an image.

If you encounter their propaganda, we ask you, the community of Long Beach to take the following steps:

  1. Log the time and location, such as nearest intersection or landmark.
  2. Take a photo of their propaganda. While not losing focus their propaganda, try to capture some of the location in the background.
  3. Peel propaganda off as best as you can. If possible, use some kind of scraping tool and be careful. Patriot Front has been know to hide razors and glass under their posters to harm activists. If you have an antifascist sticker handy, slap it over the same area.
  4. Take an “after” photo detailing the removed sticker, with or without antifascist sticker in its place.
  5. Email the images to us along with the details you logged.

We will post the before and after images along with the details of time and location you provide. If you want us to give credit where credit is due, please let us know who to thank, otherwise, we’ll simply thank you, an antifascist activist.

Patriot Front Propaganda
(Click on the image to view the original, higher-resolution file.)


“Reject Poison”
Reject Poison
“Reclaim America”
Reclaim America
“Life – Liberty – Victory”
Life - Liberty - Victory
“Keep America American”
Keep America American
“Better Dead Than Red”Better Dead Than Red
“$$ Does Not Rule You”
Money Does Not Rule You
“Will Your Speech Be —–“
Will Your Speech Be ---------
“Not Stolen Conquered”
Not Stolen Conquered
“QR Code Flag”QR Code Flag

Please note: This article does not apply only to Long Beach, CA. These Patriot Front dorks are spread all over the country, annoying everyone. If you see any of these stickers in your community, contact your local antifa crew. If you don’t know whether or not there’s an antifa crew in your community, contact us and maybe we can help.