Meet Ben Karl Guichard, the racist who vandalized the George Floyd Mural in Long Beach

Ben Karl Guichard

Meet Ben Karl Guichard, a white 45 year old (born February 24, 1975) and Alamitos Beach resident, who vandalized the George Floyd mural last weekend on 4th Street.

Ben’s overt act of racist vandalism was captured on video.

Ben Karl Guichard captured in the act of vandalizing the George Floyd mural

After the mural artists had repaired the damage, Ben returned to photograph the mural in its repaired state in an attempt to claim the mural was never defaced and that he was simply the target of a rumor.

Ben’s feeble attempt to play victim

“Everyone matters”, Ben claims. This is a racist attempt to minimize the oppression the Black community faces each and every day. Do not allow racists like Ben to set the narrative.

Ben has since deleted his Facebook page but not before antifascist activists captured a screenshot of his profile.

Ben Guichard’s Facebook Profile

In a twist of irony, Ben is apparently a blues musician but, as noted, despises the culture. Additionally, he is an unemployed golf club maker who was employed Cleveland Golf SA. Ben’s act of racist vandalism was brought to the attention of Cleveland Golf SA, who has sinced stated Ben will no longer be employed by them.

Response from Cleveland Golf SA terminating relationship with Ben Guichard

Ben has business cards so you can contact him if you wish.

Ben’s musician business card

Ben has a dismal Spotify page. You can help deplatform him by contacting Spotify and referring them to this post.

Ben’s Spotify page. Click image to view page on Spotify.

Please note that we do not take any credit for exposing Ben. We did not do any research to produce this post as antifascist activists in the community had already stepped up and taken to social media to expose him. We are just compiling the information already out there into this post so Google can index the story and create an easy, one-stop post for people to read up on Ben and his overt racism. In short, the internet elephant never forgets.

Black lives matter, all day, every day.

UPDATE 07/02/2020

Ben was arrested early morning on July 2, 2020.

Ben Karl Guichard’s Current Address

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