American Guard Members Identified In Group Photo

The combined efforts of Colorado Springs Anti-Fascists, Corvallis Antifa, and Long Beach Antifa have successfully identified the American Guard members who traveled to Portland, OR, on August 17, 2019, to harass and assault the community of Rose City.

American Guard are an ADL-designated white supremacist hate group.

As such, here is the photo with each American Guard white supremacist identified. Please remember that you don’t need to be white in order to uphold the tenants of white supremacy.

Carl Lackey – Missouri American Guard chapter

Mark Quon – California American Guard chapter

Chris & Valerie Moody – Utah American Guard chapter….white-power-couple/

Michael Romero – California American Guard chapter

Brien James – Indiana American Guard chapter (co-founder of American Guard*)
Telegram: @Brien_James

Drew Smith – California American Guard chapter

Joshua Long – Idaho American Guard chapter (co-founder of American Guard*)…joshua-long-american-guards-worst-liar/

Kristopher Wyrick – California American Guard chapter (owner of bus)…meet-kristopher-evan-wyrick…

Dean Paterno – California American Guard chapter

Brien James is president of American Guard and is an SPLC designated far-right extremist while Joshua Long is the Vice President. Brien is trying to be the daddy and is the person who we would consider the face of the violent American Guard group.