Meet Nicholas Tyler Gibbs, neo-Nazi Golden State Skinhead member

Nicholas Tyler Gibbs, who is in his early 30’s, is a self-avowed nazi and machinist at Halo Industries in Huntington Beach, CA. We feel that you, residents of the community, should know more about Nicholas Tyler Gibbs and the danger he poses so you, the greater Long Beach communities, can unite against the threat of white nationalism and white supremacy.
Nicholas Gibbs is an active member of Golden State Skinheads, an ADL and SPLC-designated hate group.

Gibbs posing with other members of Golden State Skinheads.

Golden State Skinhead members, including Nicholas Tyler Gibbs, planned and participated in the June 26, 2016, Traditionalist Workers Party rally on the west steps of the California capital building, in Sacramento, where seven (7) anti-racist protestors were stabbed and hospitalized.

Gibbs masked up, wearing a Traditionalist Workers Party shirt, standing next to Willian Planer (left).

Gibbs arriving at State Capital Park with other members of Golden State Skinheads.

Gibbs preparing to engage with anti-racist activists at State Capital Park.

The moments leading up to Gibbs allegedly stabbing an anti-racist activist at State Capital Park. The assaulted anti-racist activist is in black (left).

In 2008, Nicholas Gibbs was charged with a Seal Beach, CA, hate crime beating in which the victim required hospitalization. He was subsequently sentenced to six years in prison for the attack.
This expose has been posted to keep our community aware of people making threats of violence. The police won’t do anything to protect Long Beach from white supremacists so it is on us to help defend our communities from the growing threat of white supremacy.
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UPDATE July 9, 2019 @ 6:31am: Added link to LA Times archive covering Gibbs’ conviction for Seal Beach, CA, hate crime attack.