Iron March IP Address Dump

It is always awesome to see so many in the antifascist milieu come together in unique ways. Hella. Since the Iron March database leak, the data contained in the SQL leak has been formatted in numerous ways providing the same data in various ways. Each way just as useful and important as the other. That said, let’s get to the meat of this article.

We have taken the Iron March data dump (JSON formatted) provided by @lehighdemcon, which provides every IP address that each and every Iron March member logged into the site with. Additionally, the data provides ASN (autonomous system number) details of every single IP address, some more complete than others, of every member.

The purpose of this particular project is to provide JSON data in a human readable format. Programmers can make sense out of JSON files but that leave the non-technical folks in the dark.


Human Readable Iron March IP Dump

Source (JSON)